Henry Wolfe Carradine was born 1990 in Los Angeles, California.  At the age of eight be began his first piano and trumpet lessons with May-Fah Chew and Steven Ravaglioli.

In 2003 he was accepted to play trumpet with the prestigious Los Angeles Youth Orchestra under the baton of Dr. Russell Steinberg.

In 2006 Carradine moved to Vienna, Austria to pursue a more intensive education in the areas of piano and composition, where he would initially study composition with Mag. Ernst Wally at the Schubert Conservatory, and piano privately with Dr. Otto Probst.

In 2010 he would compose one hour of original music for the dance performance "Dance is Dead." One year later in 2011 Carradine will earn his matura from the Musik Gymnasium in Vienna, after which he will study piano with Prof. Tvrtko Gojmerac at the Prayner Conservatory.

Between 2010 and 2014 Carradine will study composition privately with Prof. Walter Haberl, from whom Carradine will learn crucial skills pertaining to the art of composition.  In 2013, he will broaden his knowledge by attending a masterclass with film composer Conrad Pope.

In the following year Carradine's music will be used in short film by Karina Ille.  The film would subsequently be shown at the Shikaneder Kino in Vienna as part of the international Art Visuals Poetry Film Festival.

In 2015 Carradine will attend a sound technician course in order to expand his knowledge further.  During this time he will write an arrangement of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue for Vibraphone and Piano, which was commissioned by multi-percussionist David Panzl .

In 2016 Carradine was accepted as a composer for Score A Score.